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Set Me Up on Zillow…

You should be on Zillow, Trulia,, and since it's free, perhaps ListHub that syndicates to dozens more sites. However, of the above, it is our opinion that Zillow is the best from a visitor's perspective, as well as, because of their special Realtor tools.


You don't necessarily have to buy into their advertising plans, but you should be set up with a profile at the very least -- we can do this for you for a low one-time investment of $19.99.


All we need is your name. We will then download your picture and contact info. from the MLS, and we will upload it to Zillow. We'll coordinate with to get your license number, and we will "claim" and associate all your current listings (if you have any) with your MLSNI agentid. This way, when someone searches for a home and your listing pops up, they will see a picture of you with your contact info. instead of seeing a blank spot where you should be.


Note that without the paid monthly plan, there will still be a couple other Realtors that pop up with you that the visitor could choose to contact, but having us set you up with a Zillow profile will definitely make your profile more desirable to click on, and you do want leads right?


Best of all -- your seller will no longer think you're unprofessional without a presence on Zillow! Let us help you. After clicking the buy now button below, you'll be asked for your name, and presto! We'll show results within 24 hours and contact you once complete.



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