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Train Me Using $.99 Vidoes…

While this is not hands-on, custom, nor open-questioned, it is quite reasonable considering the $.99 costs involved...


Tell us what you're interested in learning about, and we'll send you a Youtube video on the subject for only $.99 per video.


Once you click the buy now button, you'll be asked for what subject you'd like to learn and what your email address is. Then, we'll send you our videos -- it's as easy as that.


Some of the most frequently asked for videos are: Learn Windows 8, how to upgrade to 8.1, what's the best phone to buy, how to learn ConnectMLS's rubberband map feature, how to print-to-fax or email-to-fax, how to setup FaxPlus, how to setup Docusign, etc. etc. Just let us know anything you want to learn about.


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