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Point Me in the Right Direction…

Ask us a question, any question relating to real estate, marketing, technology, software, computer, cell phone apps, what cell data-plan size you should get, what... well just ask us, and we'll negotiate a price before you get an answer.


For simple answers, we can just charge $14.99 or so for a point in the right direction (satisfaction guaranteed). For complex answers, we can negotiate a price for the additional information, questions, and research we may require from you or for more detailed information and explanations you may require from us. All I can say is try us out. All questions are free.


We are very experienced and very knowledgeable. Like the plumber that costs $100 just to flip a circuit breaker to turn on the sump pump when your home is flooding, our answers may be just a sentence point in the right direction -- in other words, we know which switch to flip. Conversly, we also do major research projects in which you'll get a "user manual" on how to do what you originally asked us for help on. Those things may cost quite a bit, but we'll negotiate a price after you ask us the question.


One thing is totally guaranteed -- we'll save you tons of time and money with our simple or complex answer, and you'll be totally satisfied, or we'll refund your money! Let us amaze you.


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