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Setup a Computer on LoneWolf…

We know all things tech! We even know how to setup LoneWolf Broker/Owner Accounting systems. Whether you want to use their online version or would rather save some money and network in-house, we know what you need.


Call us for a free consultation -- prices starting at $99.99 per computer for simple workstation or server downloads. We can also help set you up with general ledger accounts, plans, compatible credit card gateways, and then train your staff.


Training can include...

  • Adding a new agent & setting them up with a split, per deal, etc.

  • Terminating an agent

  • Running Regional Broker Service Fee reports

  • Accounts Payable

  • Doing 1099's

  • Commissions and/or Escrow

  • E-blasts

  • Running credit card batches

  • Inputting agent expenses like copies

  • Late fee processing

  • Commission and Escrow Reconcilliation

  • and much, much more!


We're here to help. We don't need to fly out to you from Canada -- we're right here from Naperville and can stop by within 24 hours anywhere in Northern Illinois.


Please note that the $99.99 per computer is basically if you're moving offices or if your computer blew up. Stuff like that. We don't want to scare you, but our other setup and training fees can be quite expensive (a couple grand +) -- call us, we negotiate, and will beat any price.


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