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Find, Interview, and Hire an Assistant…

After you place your order, we'll contact you with a questionnaire to verify exactly what you're looking for, what you should be looking for, and what you should expect to pay in wages for your new employee.


Then, we'll 1) write the ad, 2) pay for the online ad, 3) sort through all the resumes (you'll get a copy of all resumes), 4) we'll interview our top four (you can help choose too) via a phone interview, and lastly, you can either take our top choice and they'll just show up to start work, or we'll give you the final two for the final hiring interview and decision.


The above is for $299.99, but ask us about our add-on product: hands-on custom training sessions for your new employee. Some of the MANY, MANY, MANY things we can train them on are:


1) We can make them EXPERTS on ConnectMLS,

2) We can show them how to make a feature sheet or marketing flyer using Publisher,

3) We literally know everything real estate related. We are experts in ALL things marketing and tech - ALL software, ALL phone apps, and ALL things relevant to our industry (including how to prospect, how to create a prospecting mailing list, and what to say on the phone.)


We are super-fast at learning; meaning if you have a custom training system you want them to learn, just teach us, and we'll teach them (we're patient teachers). Satisfaction guaranteed on all new employee training sessions, and we can guarantee you'll love our choice before they start, but we cannot guarantee your new employee will not quit. There are too many variables including culture at your company, yours and their temperament or "fit together", they may have an emergency or life-change, and let's face it -- they might just be crazy :) Everyone is human.


However, we are really great recruiters, are very experienced hiring people, and will do our best to get you the "right" employee for you. Call us for a free consultation and we'll tell you what we mean over the phone.


What we mean basically is you don't necessarily want the cherry-best-aka-president-someday-employee if it's going to be an entry level job (they'll leave quickly when a better job comes), but you don't want the least experienced person either; you want a balanced person, and you'll know who that is, and we can guarantee you'll be confident in your choice before they start day 1.


Again, the initial hire is $299.99, and the optional training sessions start at an additional $299.99 and include a syllabus, training handbook for home work, and three hours of online-hands-on training with a live person to ask questions of and have demonstrations with.


So, click the buy now button and we'll call you once we see your order in the hopper.


Thanks a bunch!


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