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Hands on Phone or Computer Training…

We're experts on all things tech. We specialize in setting up email on your phone and clueing you in on the best phone apps. We also specialize in ConnectMLS training and EVERYTHING else. We love basic programs like Word, Publisher, and Excel. We can give you training on how to create a feature sheet flyer. We also love the special programs like Photoshop, Docusign, and Screen-Recording. We can download to your computer any program you'd like us to (and we know which one's aren't viruses!)


Do you have a custom proprietary software program like LoneWolf or voicemail and cannot understand a darn thing? Let us learn it, and then, we'll teach it to you. Really -- we used to be programmers and understand everything; we just know how things work. Then, we have the patience of Saints and are able to communicate things in lay-man's terms to you.


You're going to be astonished how easy we make things for you. We're not going to show you everything -- we'll pinpoint exactly only what you need to know. We're talking about showing you feature A & B, not CDEFGHIJKLMN...


The best part is that you don't have to travel to us. We'll email you a simple link that once clicked will allow us to share our computer screens. You'll see a webcam video of us and we'll walk you through everything right there online. All you need is a computer, access to the Internet, and a phone preferrably that has a speaker (any cell phone will do.)


Try us out. Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back. I'm sure there's something you'd like to learn about right now right? Even if it's as simple as creating an icon shortcut to your email or ConnectMLS right on your desktop. Think about what you'd like to have or what you'd like to learn, and then give us a call at 708.888.1049. The $49.99 investment includes a 45-60 minute online hands-on session, but we can negotiate a proration if it's less than an hour or slightly longer than one.


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