Set Me Up on Google Plus…

Google "+" is very similar to a Facebook "business page", but with a huge difference. We like to think of it as...


"Facebook is good for connecting with friends from your past, while Google+ is good for connecting and networking with friends and people you'd like to meet in the future. What's beautiful about Google+ is that, unlike a normal Facebook account, visitors don't need a password to find you -- you and your business contact info will show up in a normal Google search."


Included with your one-time $29.99 investment is a website that 1) has your picture and contact info on it, so that you're able to be found in a Google search (aka: today's version of a phone book), 2) has your picture and contact info on it, so that you're able to be found in a Google search -- yes, we said it again, it's that important that you have a Google+ profile.


You don't necessarily have to upload pics of your dog, like or dislike anything, find friends, nor post anything. Like we said, Google is the new phone book and is the first place most people look when they're trying to find you, so it's important you can be found when someone types your name and city into Google. It's a must to be on it!


Order your Google Plus setup today, and we'll have your Google+ website up and running within 24 hours. What do we need from you? Nothing -- we'll pull all info (and your portrait) from the MLS. When we're done, we'll email you the link to your new Google+ website. Hooray -- you're getting to be really techie and marketing-savvy now!


Support@SettingYourselfUp.com (708) 888-1049 or (800) 450-4861 920 Lindrick Ct., Naperville IL 60563  

*SettingYourselfUp.com is an independent company, and although we are experts, we are not affiliated with MLSNI, nor MRED, nor any real estate brokerage.

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