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Facebook Business Page…

Wait! Wait!! Wait!!! We're not talking about spending all day posting things like you just took a shower or had a delicious muffin. In fact, for the vast majority of people, we don't suggest you post even a single thing -- ever!


However, how are people going to find you? When was the last time you dialed 411? Facebook is the new phone book! All we're saying is that it is a MUST that you have a presence on Facebook with at least your contact info. This is how people find your phone number now a days. But wait again...


All successful salespeople remember when they used to be a green rookie. They wondered why they kept losing out to others on appointments, why they offered more and were cheaper than the competition, but continued to lose listings?! Then they met the master that told them the crucial thing they needed to learn, which is...


"Don't try to sell anyone anything without first developing rapport and finding a commonality so that they can feel comfortable with you. Once they are able to know and trust you, then talk about price, then talk about your marketing, etc. But until you develop a litte rapport, you're probably going to lose the listing if you try to sell them too quick."


Developing rapport is were Facebook comes into play. You don't need to know about Facebook -- we know everything about it and will set you up. The gist is that with a Facebook "Business Page" (which is totally different than a personal page), you'll be able to pre-sell your prospects! Yes -- they will already like you, want to buy from you, and the close will be as easy as selling to your best friend.


Once you click buy now below, we'll contact you and ask you 10 questions -- basically, we'll find out what you like. If you like wine, we'll subscribe you to the "Wine Spectator" magazine page, and if you like football, we'll tell all your visitors that you like the Bears, etc. This way, your visitors will think "Well, I like the Bears too, and I love wine tastings, let's call this person that has so much in common with us darling."


There's a little more to it than that. The summary though is that we will set everything up for you, there is no need to post a single thing now or in the futue, you can totally ignore the Facebook Business Page once created, and the only effort required on your part will be to answer 10 simple and silly questions about what you like in life. By the way, politics is a super no-no, as well as choosing either the Sox or Cubs (Bears is fine), and stuff that would potentially cause a negative feeling. Once you click buy now, we'll contact you with 10 questions and you'll be set up within 24 hours.


Factoid: What's the major difference between a Facebook Business Page vs. a personal page???


Answer: You don't need a password or be a Facebook member in order to see a Facebook Business Page, but you do need them to see someone's personal page. Also, while Facebook Business Pages are fully searchable and indexed with Google, personal pages (that are password-protected) are not indexed by Google -- hence, you won't be found with merely a personal page.


Lastly, there's much more we can do with a Facebook Business Page in the future -- smart things that we'll get to once we get to know each other. Interested in seeing what our Facebook Business Page looks like? Click here to see it.


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