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Create a CMA for Me…

We're experts with ConnectMLS and doing CMA's. Our MLS is great compared to the days of the past when agents rarely put in all the fields like actual sq. ft., etc. For most properties, you don't really need to see the inside to give a good estimate...


With Google "Steet View," we'll be able to tell what the property looks like on the outside -- we don't even need a picture from you, for we'll pull it straight from Google.


Whether you need a second opinion or are just baffled and need help, we're here to be your partner.


All we need is an address, the amount of bedrooms, baths, and whether it has a basement. We'll pull the relevant comps, and included in your professional CMA will be a few pages explaining what a CMA is and why it's important to price things right; we'll also showcase all comps, their adjustments, and give a sales price range (you'll see once you go on your appointment - choose the low range if it's a dog, or if it shows great, give it the high price.)


Don't wait till the last second, because it takes us about 2-4 hours to do the average CMA and even longer if it's a unique property with little comps (BTW: this is our "loss-leader" product to gain your trust and earn your business). When completed, you'll receive a pdf file in your email that you can print out at any color printer.


Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.


Once you click the buy now button below, you'll be prompted for the address and relevant info. Good luck on your appointment! By the way, all CMA's are confidential - no other Realtor will know we're doing one for you, and we won't share any information with anyone.



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