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Get Automatic Online Backup…

Get continuous all-day-long backup of every file you change or save. There is no need to hire someone to buy you an external hard drive, set it up for you, and have you do some complicated process that may (or may not?!) actually be backing up your data. By the way, what if your building has a fire -- we're offsite and have redundant high-tech backup facilities.


Let us backup your data online for you! If your computer crashes, we can download your data onto a new computer for you. How do we do it? We simply have an online meeting where we get to temporarily see and share each others screens. We remotely take control of your computer, download a small file, and install it for you.


Please note that, unlike others who don't backup large files (like Carbonite), we automatically include your videos, databases, and other large files in our backups. Guess what -- want to know if your secretary is good??? Ask them where he or she backs up your files and how often. Again, we do it continuously everyday while your computer is idle.


And by the way, if you're the secretary reading this? You're going to someday be your boss's saviour, and this is something they need to do. Something everyone needs to do -- we'll backup for anyone: you, your kids, your boss, or anyone you'd like to send our way.



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