Setup Anti-Virus for Me...

How do we do it? We simply have an online meeting where we get to temporarily see and share each others screens. We remotely take control of your computer, download a small file, and install it for you. It's as simple as that.


Why have anti-virus installed??


For most of us, it's mainly about keeping your computer from operating in slow-ville. Your time is worth a lot of money - if you're on the computer a lot, this is a simple way to literally double your income. Think about it; if you were able to accomplish twice the amount of tasks each day simply by speeding up your computer to twice as fast, why wouldn't you want to make twice as much money? You'll want to do this. Contact us now, for we'll be that techie-friend you've been looking for.


Support@SettingYourselfUp.com (708) 888-1049 or (800) 450-4861 920 Lindrick Ct., Naperville IL 60563  

*SettingYourselfUp.com is an independent company, and although we are experts, we are not affiliated with MLSNI, nor MRED, nor any real estate brokerage.

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