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Advertise My Listing on Google…

Tired of Redfin showing up when you, or worse yet -- your seller clients search for their address on Google?


Tired of your site showing up on page 8, page 9, or not at all? We have the solution...


We can ensure that your listing pops up FIRST on the first page of Google -- guaranteed or your money back!


We're not talking about getting the number one organic result through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that cannot be guaranteed. We're talking about literally placing an advertisement on Google...


We'll set it up so that when you type in your listing's full address, your website will pop up in first place. That way, 1) it's a listing tool, because you can tell your prospective sellers "I'll advertise your listing on Google!", 2) it's a great way to get buyer leads on your own listing, and 3) you won't have to deal with explaining why Redfin is advertising your property and why you're not - we know that sucks!


The $19.99/mo. includes all impressions for free, and included are 20 actual clicks from visitors. This satisfies the majority of Realtor's needs. If you have a real real real hot property, you may want to renew for additional clicks. We can explain everything once you click the buy now button below, but just know that telling your sellers you'll advertise their listing on Google is in and of itself a great listing tool that pays for itself.


Go ahead and type in the address for one of your listings on Google right now -- now do you know what we're talking about? Pretty embarrasing right? Imagine having that #1 spot -- that's what we'll do for you! It's the professional thing to do; order today.


First Spot on First Page of Google Guaranteed or your money back!

Cancel Anytime.


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